• This module is developed according to the specification of ZATCA, It has not only E-Invoice but various customized report like : Purchase Report, Quotation / Sale Order report, Pro- Forma Report, Delivery Report as well as Invoice report.
  • The especial thing of GTS ARABIC REPORT is the it has arabic label for all the filed in the report and designed beautifully which will suited your customs and contained all the necessary information which is required.
  • This module is easily installed in your existing odoo without affecting any functionality. All PDF reports like – Proposal, Sales Order, Pro forma Invoice, TAX invoice and Delivery Note all are beautifully designed


To print Sale Order Report, click on Print>> Quotation / Sale Order

Sale order Pdf Report:

To print Pro- Form Invoice Report click on Print>> Pro- Forma Invoice.
Pro Forma Pdf Report:

To print Delivery report click on Print>> Delivery Slip.

Report Delivery Pdf Report:
To print invoice, click on Print>> Invoice
Invoice Pdf Report:
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To Print Purchase Order Report Click, Print>> Purchase Order
Purchase Order Pdf Report:

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