Managing systems across multiple locations has always been a challenge:

How do you get company-wide data instantly?

How do you consolidate data of all the branches?

What is the profit of any one branch, or all branches together?

What are the receivables of a branch, or of a customer across all branches?

What is the investment in stocks at one warehouse, across the company, or of one product across all branches?

We at Geotechnosoft have come up with module to take care of all your requirements pertaining to handling multiple branch management. 

Features to take note of :

  • We can add multiple branches inside a company.

  • Users can access only the documents relevant to assigned branch.

  • Managers can access the records for all the branches.

  • Branch wise accounting transactions are generated but company has single chart of accounts for all the branches. 

  • We can have branch wise reports for balance sheet, general ledger, profit & loss, trial balance etc.

Configuration :

To configure different branches, go to Settings > Users and Companies > Branches.

Assign branch to users.

Workflow :

In quotations the branch is automatically selected according to logged in user.

Branch will be automatically set in invoices.

Branch on Bank Statements.

Branch is automatically selected based on the logged in user’s branch.

Picking address is selected according to the selected branch.

Branch will be automatically selected on the generated shipment / delivery.

Branch in Journal Entries.

We can define branch in the warehouse.

Branch in warehouse locations.


While printing accounting reports, we can select a branch, and the report for selected branch only will be displayed.

Partner Ledger Report.

Balance Sheet.

Profit and Loss Report.

Branch wise invoice analysis report.