Daily Stock Opening/Closing Report
Module will help you to view daily stock reports for any location or warehouse or date range.


  • This module will help you to get the daily stock report with opening and closing.
  •  This module will support multi company features.
  •  You can view reports of one warehouse or multiple warehouses.
  •  You can view reports of one location or multiple locations.
  •  Get the output with Product name, Internal Reference, location name, Opening, Incoming, Outgoing, Adjustment, Internal Transfers, closing stock.
For More information you can refer this video.


First you have to click on this menu Reporting--> Daily Stock Report.

You have to select specific time period for report.

Select warehouse if you want warehouse wise report.

You can also select multiple warehouse.

You can also select multiple locations.

Now click on view button.

This is the daily stock report. This report is according to specific period of time which you selected.

Updated report with production,purchase and outgoing.

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