Multi Level Production in odoo Work Centers and Routings in Odoo Manufacturing

Multi Level Production in Odoo Work Centers and Routings in Odoo Manufacturing

Manufacturing is one of the most important departments in a business, handling the responsibility of converting raw materials into a product that the company intends to sell.

Proper management of manufacturing operations is very important as they involve costly materials, labour and heavily affects our sale and delivery operations.

If the management of manufacturing operations is not effective then it can lead in inferior quality of products, defects in the products, delay in delivery of the products and if ignored frequently, can even lead to the downfall of a business.

If your business requires high level handling of manufacturing processes like production at different stages then you can go with the robust manufacturing application from Odoo. 


Manufacturing > Settings

Enable the option work orders.

This will make visible new menus to configure the work centers and routings.

Now, we can create different work centers of our manufacturing process.
Go to manufacturing > master data > work centers.

When different work centers are configured, we provide the sequence of operations to be followed through configuring routing.
Go to manufacturing > master data > routings.

Now, done with configuring work centers and routings, we can add a particular routing to Bill of materials of a product, so that the routings get automatically selected as soon as we select products for manufacturing.
Go to manufacturing > master data > bills of materials.

After all the configurations done, we can create the manufacturing order.
Go to manufacturing > operations > manufacturing orders, click on create and select the product.
Work orders get created according to the number of work centers in the routing.
Click on 'process' to start work orders, and when finished ‘mark as done’.
After all the work orders are done, we can mark the manufacturing order as 'done'.

This is how multi-level manufacturing is handled in Odoo through work centers and routings.