GEO Recruit at a Glance:

 1.    Client Management

2.    Job Profile or Position Management

3.    Candidate or Application Management

4.    Job Portal

GEO Recruit is a module developed on ODOO ERP using ODOO Framework. The whole objective of this module to manage the entire recruitment or an organization or recruitment/Staffing agency.

Odoo have default recruitment module which have very limited feature and GEO recruitment module make this module more powerful.

Odoo recruitment module does not support the business flow of recruitment agency or the company who manage their client recruitment.

If you are a staffing agency and planning for software to support your recruitment process, application tracking and client requirement then GEO recruit is the best application for you, On top of that you will get outofbox ODOO ERP to manager your other processes of business for example ERP, Sales Automation, Purchase Management, Project Management, Accounting and Finance, Employee Timesheet, Internal HRMS, CMS bases website, Job Portal integrated with Recruitment module and even more than 7000 Module available by the ODOO community.

 ODOO is an OpenSource Framework, meaning you will the access of source code and you can add or customize feature based on Unique Business Process if required otherwise GTS Recruit cover most of the business process.

Staffing Agency Business Process

We know how you work and what are the key area you have to focus. 

Keeping that in mind we have designed end to end software, Which have not just just the requirement process also client management, Client contract management. 

CRM module to manage your lead pipeline, Sales Automation to confirm the order and Invoicing and Accounting to ensure timely billing and all your accounting books entry.

Not less we also give you project and task management along with timesheet to track the hour spent on every project and hiring.

Integrated Job Portal which help your applicant to apply on various profile.

Regular building on candidate data base and quick search of candidate when needed.  

We have almost every module which you required for smooth running of your Staffing business.

Customer Satisfaction

Staffing Agency Business model need high level of customer satisfaction which come from strong service and better communication. 

Keeping this in mind we have designed the entire application GEO Recruit.