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Vehicle Rental Business Process

Introduction to GEO Vehicle Rental

GEO vehicle rental is a module developed on ODOO ERP using ODOO Framework. The whole objective of this module to manage the Vehicle Rental End to End Business.

Odoo have default Fleet Management, Quotation, Sales Order, Invoicing, Accounting, Finance and Many Businesses Management Module. This all Modules has been used smartly to build an Advance Vehicle Rental Management ERP.

If you are a Rental Company and planning for software to support your Entire business process like, Vehicle Database, Quotation and Booking Management, Rental Agreement, Rental Corporate Contract, Client Database and many more then GEO Vehicle Rental is the best application for you, On top of that you will get out of box ODOO ERP to manager your other processes of business for example ERP, Sales Automation, Purchase Management, Project Management, Accounting and Finance, Employee Timesheet, Internal HRMS, CMS bases website, Job Portal integrated with Recruitment module and even more than 7000 Module available by the ODOO community.

 ODOO is an Open-Source Framework, meaning you will the access of source code and you can add or customize feature based on Unique Business Process if required otherwise Vehicle Rental cover most of the business process.

GEO Vehicle Management Benefit

GEO Vehicle Rental at a Glance:

  •  Client Management
  • Client Contract Management
  • Contract Management
  • Vehicle Database
  • Quotation Management
  • Booking Confirmation
  • Real Time Car Viability report
  • Rental Agreement
  • Pricelist Feature to maintain corporate price
  • Odometer Logs
  • Check In and Check Our feature of vehicle
  • Advance and Automatic Price Calculator for Extra Hour or Extra Milage Calculation.
  • Invoicing is Integrated with Booking
  • Driver Database and Driver Mapping with every booking
  • Payment terms can be defined in booking.
  • Track Overdue booking
  • Dispute management
  • Integrated Fleet Management
  • Schedule or Log Service or maintenance of the vehicle

GEO Vehicle Rental make your business easy, how?

1.       Easy and Meaningful dashboard
2.       Advance Filter and Group feature to search anything from database
3.       Highly integrated feature like smart buttons, quick view, on fly new record creation, Breadcrumbs.
4.       Different view like Kanban, list view, Calendar view, Graph View, Pivot View.
5.       User can make their custom reports and dashboards.
6.       Integrated Calendar for Meeting Invites for understanding the requirement from your client.
7.       Email, SMS and WhatsApp Integration.
8.       Reusability of data.
9.       Excel/CSV import and Export Feature.
10.    Mobile App and 100% responsive design – Yes, we have it and your user can use any device to use the application.
11.    Cloud Based – You just need browser and you can access from anywhere.
12.    Secure – SSL encrypted, Two Factor Automatization and many other securities which ensure your database is secure.
13.    Can be host on your cloud – Local, AWS or Google or anywhere.
14.    No Software Cost – Yes you got is right, this is Free and for lifelong also you will own the code and software, you can create unlimited users.
15.    Multi Company and Multibranch Support.
16.    Multicurrency Support.
17.    Multi Language Support – Entire application wok in your own local language.
18.    Access Rights Based on user role - Your user can access the application for what they are allowed.

Walkthrough of Application:

1. Login Page: 

Yes this will be custom page as per your company theme.

2. Dashboards

Car Dashboard
Beautiful dashboard, all Vehicle with their stage, Kanban view with card where you can see all the information in a glance, 
Booking Dashboard:
Current Month

Current Year

3. Menus



 4. Detailed view of booking Quotation

 All the Quotation issued to the customer

  • Click on create and you have booking from Infront of you.
  • Check in and check out date
  • Only those vehicles can be mapped which is available during checkin and checkout date.
  • You can send this booking quotation with customer by email or download as PDF.

  • On Quotation from you can also find many buttons and stages for smooth control on business workflow.
  • Yup once you receive the confirmation by customer to confirm the booking same quotation will be converted as booking conformation after clicking on confirm booking button.
  • Once booking is confirmed, you can take advance payment, also you can print payment receipt and then you can check out the car with current Odometer reading logs and attaching all the pictures of car with the booking form.
  • At this stage you can also print the Rent Agreement of that booking
  • Booking Confirmation PDF

Booking Agreement
  • This Confirm booking from is integrated and act like a single interface for the entire business flow, for example if any dispute with this booking like accident you can come here and mark this booking as dispute.
  • Any calculation like extra milage or overdue very thing can be performed from this booking form only.
  • Even you can replace the car during the booking duration and maintain the log for that too.
  • Yes, when customer will come to return the car, you can open the same booking form and can do the checkin of Car and system will follow a defined check list so that your user should not forget anything and as a management you have complete control over business process.

5. Framework Feature


Search Bar: You can find this search bar on very page, which give user a power to find relevant data from huge database.
Just click and start typing and select the field you are looking for.
Filter: Magical filter option
If you feel there is very less option then click on add custom filter and see the magic. You will get all the fields of that form. You have all the logical Boolean or logical operator (OR, AND) to filter out your data.
GROUP BY: Yes, we have for you, you can Group by your data, see the screen blow
 For more option you can simply click on add custom group.
List view of group by
 Kanban view of Group by
Yes, you spent too much time to filter or group by your data and you want to save it for future, we have solution for that even you can share this with your other users and make filtered report as default.
MIS and Reports:
Pivot View:
 We have for you so that you should not miss excel where you can design everything by your own, Because of this view we claim we have the best software for your reporting requirement here you can make your own custom repots of any available data. How you use pivot view more effectively we will share video link, here I am just attaching one screen to give you an idea. 
Graph View:

You got is right since it is developed on ODOO ERP you can use more than 7000 Apps which is available with the ERP, meaning it is not just the staffing process management software, It is a suite of Business Application or Vehicle Rental ERP for your Business.
Apps which is available for you in FREE:

Rental Vehicle Business 

Manage Simple and Grow Fast 

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